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Tags In Use

A sampling of our Xtreme Tags® in use in several market segments:

Municipal Solid Waste


The municipal solid waste industry is a harsh environment that requires rugged RFID tags to track assets, as well as provide additional information to improve business processes.

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Returnable Transport Items


Attaching RFID tags to returnable transport items provides visibility of the RTIs and the products they carry throughout the supply chain.

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Rental / Pooled Assets

In today’s competitive environment, companies are looking to differentiate their offerings. One way to make your product more attractive is to provide a pool of assets that customers pay for per use versus an outright purchase of the asset. While this is great for the end user, the owner of the pool needs a system to keep track of their valuable assets. 

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Commercial Fishing

Commercial fishing is a harsh environment where assets see extreme temperatures, rugged handling and the opportunity to get mixed with other fishermen’s assets while at land. 

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