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Xtreme RFID is expert in rugged RFID tag manufacturing for extreme environment applications. We have been encapsulating RFID inlays in one-piece plastic housings, allowing system integrators to utilize RFID in new markets since 2005.

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Introducing the VX-Mid MS, the multi surface tag in the Allied RFID® Series by Xtreme RFID & Vizinex

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A large, global food processor had long relied on wooden bins to hold its picked fruit. The company would send these bins out to its growing sites, where farmers would fill them with produce and bring them to one of eight third-party storage locations. These storage locations would then manually give the fruit an identifier and a lot number, indicating where it came from and other shipment details. This information was printed on a human-readable label and stapled to the bin. Once everything was logged and labeled, bins were stored in a specialized, environmentally controlled...

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